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Nice work Neo!

btw, all of the WMP icons are in C:\Windows\System\Quartz.dll

However . . . (oops, here I go again)

Instead of recreating them all, wouldn't it be much easier to:

1) Unselect all relevant associations from Winamp, via: Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Filetypes

nb. You may also have to disable the Winamp Agent in order to achieve this
(Prefs -> Agent: uncheck all 3 options)

2) Close Winamp

3) WMP -> View -> Option -> Formats tab
Make your associations here.

4) Folder Options -> File Types tab
Scroll down for the relevant entries
Add the "Play in Winamp" & "Enqueue in Winamp" entries to each filetype
(following Neo's instructions above)

5) Make "Play in Winamp" the default action (hi-lite it -> click "set default")

6) Edit -> Change Icon -> browse to quartz.dll

7) Repeat for each relevant filetype

Something like that anyway . . .

Basically, the Content Type (MIME) is different for each relevant filetype if they are individual entries in Folder Options -> File Types tab.

MP3 = audio/mpeg (or: audio/m3u)
WAV = audio/wav
MID = audio/mid
M3U = audio/mpegurl
PLS = audio/scpls (I recommend keeping this one selected in Winamp Prefs)
MOD = audio/mod
WMA = audio/x-ms-wma

I suppose there's always the option of (as Neo says) unassociating from all players, but another method of association is to go to any folder that contains any one of each relevant filetype:

1) Shift + right click -> Open With
2) Checkmark "Always open with..."
3) Select "Winamp" from the list
4) Type in the File Description
5) Click "Okay"
6) Repeat 1) to 5) for each filetype
7) Then go into Folder Options -> File Types tab to check all the command lines are correct and to change the icons.

You only have to Shift + Rt click one of each filetype to achieve this
(eg. one MP3, one WAV, etc etc)

You now have 3 different methods to choose from (there's probably more)

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