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The supermarket Aldi will get Globes in the special offer. My mother wanted to have a new globe, after her old one had been destroyed by the fire. It was a birthday present from my father in Spring 1974. I wish, I could have brought her a new one soon, in a few days, but it is not possible anymore.

I am fighting against the next cold. In the previous years I always had a cold during the few yearly celebrations in our environment, which are all in the same week. Since 2009 I didn't participate anymore. And also this year I was not on the yearly festival market in our environment, which was on the last weekend.

I have planned to buy some further sweets, which are not too expensive and which belong to the long-time tradition. This year I didn't see the Almond-Spekulatius & "Zimtsterne", and the "Dominosteine" seem to be sold-out in Aldi now. At least I got a Marzipan Bread and Spekulatius without Almond 2 days ago. I think, we have already eaten up the Gingerbread Hearts, because I don't see them at home anymore. Maybe the hunger was too big...

Although we will be more lonely on the 24th December than in the previous years, at least I will hold my new parfum in my hands. And maybe I can call a few people, although the most of them don't live in Berlin or at least not in our environment.

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