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Originally Posted by Sabine Klare View Post
Frank and I never had a working stove with oven, which is ok, not in the first 1-room-apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg and not in both 2-room-apartments in Berlin-Neuk├Âlln, the previous one and the current one. That's the reason, why we buy the cakes & cookies. We can still cook, but we cannot bake something.
It is sad that in the 21 century, in large cities, many couples still have to live like that. You could get a small electric counter-top oven, but that's not really as good as a real oven. I had one when I was in college.

I once lived in what is called a 'studio' apartment. 3 rooms; 1 to live and sleep in and a small but fully functional kitchen and a small but fully functional bathroom. I actually enjoyed it and learned to make efficient use of space. Even-though I now live in a house with many rooms, I still spend most of my time at home in one room (when I'm not sleeping or doing other bedroom stuff). My wife says I live like a hermit.

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