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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
Most of my presets were just me typing random shit until it looked cool, I had no idea what I was doing (I was only 13/15 years old).
I discovered Milkdrop circa 2002, IIR. Spent countless magical hours cycling through presets, rating, etc. You guy's names are forever burned into my memory. I was like 42 at the time, (yeah, I know, don't laugh) and you dudes were pretty much rock stars in my mind, lol. The one thing that was so great was that you all had such immediately identifiable styles. I was/am in awe of your work/contributions.

Just stumbled here in a google search checking on the state of the art w/ Milkdrop re: gpus, shaders, etc.

Finally starting to get back to what's important in my own life. :-)

Thrilled to see you guys are still around, and thinking fondly about Milkdrop. It remains, for me, a towering milestone in music visualization.

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