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Can't open other ".exe" programs

I download winamp not too long ago, and it work great. I liked it a lot better than media player witch I was using before. But now it seems that winamp has attached itself to all the ".exe" files on my computer. All the files and programs on my desktop including AOL, MSWord, Excel, and almost every other program I have. When I click on the icon on my desktop to open the program, it doesn't open but winamp opens with the name of the program or file in the play list of winamp. I also noticed that the icons to all the programs and files have a little arrow in the lower left corner. I tried uninstalling winamp but than when I try to open the programs an error box comes up saying "can't find winamp." If anyone can tell me what I can do to get my computer working like normal, can you please tell me. I would appreciate it.
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