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Is there any particular reason why you won't answer any of our questions?

Again . . .

Did you goto Winamp Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Filetypes
and click the "select none" button?

FYI, virtually all icons on the desktop and in the start menu are just shortcuts to programs/files/folders. They are NOT the actual EXE files, they are .LNK files.

Proof of this is if you rt click one of these shortcut icons and select "properties", you'll then see the path of the file to which the shortcut leads to.

To get rid of the little arrow, goto:
Control Panel -> tweakUI -> Explorer tab
Under "icon overlay" -> select "none"

If you don't have tweakUI, get it here

To install it, open the file you download and extract the files within to the same (temp) folder. Rt click the tweakui.inf file and select "install". This will install tweakUI properly and you can safely delete these temp files afterwards.

To reassociate all other extensions to their respective programs:

For zip files: open your zip program and reassociate it with zip files in the options.

For movies (avi, mpeg, etc), goto:
Windows Media Player -> View -> Options -> Formats tab
Reselect these extensions/formats.

For JPG files, open your image editor and reassociate it with JPG in the options.
btw, what program was the default for jpg before?
If it doesn't have any internal options to associate filetypes (which means it must be pretty poor) then you can make associations via:
Start -> Settings -> Folder Options -> File Types tab (no need to use regedit)
Scroll down for JPEG Image (JPG) -> click "Edit"
If the action for your old default program is still present, simply hi-lite it and click "set default".
If it isn't, then either edit the current "Open" action ("Edit" button) or create a new action ("New" button) and make sure the command line in the "app used" field points to the program of your choice.
If you need further assistance, let me know the name of the program.

As for "games" . . . errmm . . . please explain ?!?!

I would also like to know which 3rd-party winamp plugin you installed which caused all these problems in the first place.
Winamp in its default installation does NOT associate itself with EXE, JPG, ZIP, etc. You must've installed some extra (dodgy) plugin from somewhere to make this happen, possibly NiceMC.
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