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First of all im sorry for not answering your questions. I did go to Winamp Prefs -> Filetypes and clicked the "select none" button but that didn't work. The only thing that did was now my music opens in media player instead of winamp.

Now I just installed tweakui and that worked great for getting rid of the shortcut arrows.

And I just opened my zip program and the first thing it asked me was to reassociate it with my zip files, so that should solve that because all my zip files changed their icons back to normal. And I did the same for media player.

For the jpeg files I use internet explorer(not by choice but thats what the default was originally and i don't think i have anything else), I couldn't find anything under its options tag that said set as default,
Than i went into Start -> Settings -> Folder Options -> File Types tab than Scrolled down for JPEG Image and the under the file type details (on the same page) the "extension" is JFIF, the "content type" is image/pipeg, and the "Opens With" is IEXPLORE, im not sure if thats what its suppose to be. When I click edit the "actions" has open. I didn't click anything, but i wanted to try first to see if the pictures would open but they still won't, winamp comes up with the picture name in the play list. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it.

And for the games that I was talking about were downloaded games which are zip files, but I already fix that.

As for the 3rd party plugin it was either "music city's morpheus" or "kazaa", I think it was morpheus because that was the newest one I downloaded and a week later is when all this started to happen.
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