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Display of Asian Characters

I have tried Winamp3 beta 2.5 but it still can not display Asian characters (Unicode characters) in the "Song Title" but it can display Asian characters in the playlist.

Display of Asian Characters in the Song Title is also not possible in Winamp 2.78c but it IS possible in 2.34.

Originally posted by tokiee
i have both of wmp2.77 and wmp3

and since the winamp has borne until now, any version (including upcoming v3) of winamp doesn't support multilanguage ,,


sure, it does help some by regional settings in contol panel,

BUT it's not complete

for example, in japanese they re using long dash (not ASCII small dash character), sorry i can't show it on this (though i can write it directly now, you may not recognize it), and any file that have this letter in its name, can't be loaded into winamp

winamp continues to try to load that file but failed and failed again infinitely

windows media player can play it, but i'm a winamp lover
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