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Excuse me ???!
I've used a number of search engines and newsgroup searches. I've also found a *great many* links (which is why I'm assuming it's a 'common' problem).
However, none of the hits have been posted by someone who has experienced the error message first hand and then gone on to solve it.
I have found no definitive solution, only suggestions.

FYI: I've tried ALL the suggestions posted on - if any of them had worked I wouldn't still be looking for a solution...
Has it occurred to you that there have been no new posts because all the options have already been posted, and no-one has any new suggestions ? I'm hoping those that solved it (if they did so without a reformat) just need a little kick to post that fix.

Lastly, is it so 'bloody diffucult' [sic] for you to use a spellchecker trollboy? If you can't be helpful - don't bother.
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