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Hi again mr egg

Things seem to be running smoothly with the 3dfx voodoo3 2000 card, no crashes yet..

I've just been reading up on all of the latest links you provided regarding the via chipset. I guess im glad i ordered a motherboard with a intel chipset for my new next computer now.

From what i understand, the problems people experience with these VIA chipset vary from person to person, and can result in bad audio playback, bad harddrive performance, and system instability. And i got the feeling that the via pci latency patch might work some magic on both the speed of the ide drives, as well as other problems..

I think im gonna go get my geforce3 card again, and install it, with the latest drivers directly from nvidia (not asus drivers this time), and then im gonna try some of these via patches..

On another matter..

This problem is turning into a major hardware issue, and i see that this might not be exactly what the other users of the forum come here to read.. So if the problem has taken a too non-winamp-ishly turn, feel free to delete the post from your forums, or move it or whatever it is that you do

I really appreciate the help and input i have been getting here though

I'll let you know if the via patches and/or new drivers have any effect.
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