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skipping/cd-audio problem

I have a Ministry of Sound that is a mixed cd, where each track should lead onto the next without any sound break or anything like that - it should all sound like one track.
However the only player that seems to be able to do that is windows media player, which i never use, and hate using cos it looks crap and reads the wrong track titles. CD players work fine with the mixes as they do, but winamp doesnt seem to work with them.

wat's meant to happen is as soon as the track finishes, it joins onto the start of the next one so its continuous... and right now wat winamp is doing is cutting out some of the first bit of the start of the tracks so it sorta sounds a bit off

im not sure whether its just my computer, i find a bit of skipping also happens with my mp3s, cuts off a bit of the start of each mp3, and sometimes skips in the middle of it

my computer is a xp1600, 256ddr, 60gb hdd, sb live value, epox 8kha+ - running windows XP Pro

latest drivers for everything atm

is this a problem with winamp in general or something i can do to fix plz?
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