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You'll need to replace THAT version with the original version from the Windows setup cabs.

It depends on your Windows OS,
but in Win98 you can use System File Checker (sfc.exe) to extract the original cdfs.vxd, thus overwriting the new modified version in your System dir.

Start -> Run -> SFC
Checkmark "Extract one file from installation disk"
Type in or Browse to CDFS.VXD (use full path & filename)

btw, is CDFS.VXD in the root of the System dir, or is it in the System\IOSUBSYS sub-dir?

Otherwise, search the CAB files on your Windows Setup CD-ROM
Locate and extract CDFS.VXD
Copy to the System (or IOSUBSYS) dir,
thus overwriting the other (modified) version of the file.

I'm sure I explained all this already above... let me look again
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