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It could possibly be a resource conflict with the USB and soundcard sharing the same IRQ. You might want to consider physically moving the soundcard to another available PCI slot?

Re: VIA Chipset woes

Hmm . . . did you both have an onboard sound chip enabled prior to installing the proper soundcards? If so, is it properly disabled in BIOS ?

More VIA Chipset woes here: (SBLive cards only) (AurealVortex cards only) (4-in-1 drivers/includes WinXP fixes) (Via PCI Latency patch v0.19) (Creative cards/latency patch)

btw, Have we talked about hardware acceleration yet?

Multimedia Control Panel has a hardware acceleration slider
So does DirectX Diagnostic Tool (start -> run -> dxdiag) (Audio tab, I think)

Try moving slider(s) back a notch or two to see if it makes any difference.
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