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I have a few useful comments here; if you read to the end of this post you may find some helpful tidbits you haven't seen before.

At one time I had solved this problem for MSIE 5.5 and MSIE 6 under Windows 2000, with some of the fixes posted in the Winamp forums (you'll see my previous posts as "Winner") but the problem came back to haunt me again under MSIE 6.

I shouldn't really be pulling hair out at my age, but... well, this .pls circus is like one of those tenacious nasty zits that always returns to the same place and hurts like you-know-what!

My always-thinking-about-new-and-more-even-better-tweaks brain doesn't recall exactly when the working setup busted. It was very recent though.

Because I was so enthralled with my new PowerDVD program (another tweaking playground!!!), I probably shrugged off the first few times my associations didn't work as a server problem or glitch - and didn't take note of exactly when it broke again - as I was happily hacking away to maximize my glorious new DVD performance.

Ummm, that mistake cost me a few handfuls of top cover...

I noticed that installation of PowerDVD created an association with .pls (the version 3 upgrade didn't even ask about associations -- how rude!!!) and possibly some other associations. Of course, I immediately de-associated .pls and re-associated with Winamp, but with no success, and at first only minor irritation (alas, I knew all the "fixes!").

Then I remembered that I had recently reinstalled RealPlayer 8 (Why, you ask??? I think it was because somehow a working RealPlayer 8 installation got me to upgrade to RealOne, which was even more of a mess, so I deinstalled and reinstalled RealPlayer 8 - WITH NO ASSOCIATIONS - I KNOW BETTER!!!) but I was sure that the .pls association was working fine well after that reinstall.

Anyway, I was VERY familiar with all of the "fixes," so again I tried ALL of the settings fixes for Winamp and RealPlayer, all of the registry fixes for same, including DJEgg's registry files, deinstalled/reinstalled Winamp, etc. Actually, I tried many of these fixes several times over, as I COULDN'T BELIEVE THIS WAS NOT GETTING FIXED! The fur starts to fly...

So now what? I had done everything I knew. Aha! It had to be MSIE, but no way was I going to do another reinstall of MSIE 6. But perhaps... UPDATES!! Yeah, baby!

Now here comes a tidbit: MSIE 6 doesn't properly access the Windows Update page if you have a proxy enabled. I always use The Proxomitron to filter ads, so I disabled use of a proxy in MSIE 6. Windows Update told me there wasn't anything to be updated, but not one to believe M$ at first encounters, I looked at downloadable updates. Found a DirectX upgrade that I hadn't absorbed, so I installed that and rebooted.

Another tidbit: In searching for updates, I discovered Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 is just around the corner.

Then in this thread, I discovered the "guaranteed" mp3fix.exe program from, and ran that.

And guess what? Problem fixed!!! WOOOHOOO!!! DirectX? Mp3fix.exe? Nope! Disabling of my proxy program!!! (I hadn't re-enabled the proxy when I tested again). I'm very sure I hadn't changed any settings on Proxomitron, and I don't know exactly what on my system had changed, but I did find out which setting in Proxomitron was causing the failure this time.

My last and possibly new tidbit/advice: If you use Proxomitron, to avoid another possible source for Shoutcast streaming failure, go to the headers filters configuration and check the "Out" box for "Accept-encoding: prevent webpage encoding (out)," and uncheck the "Out" box for "Accept-encoding: Allow webpage encoding (out)."

Of course, this same time of HTTP header configuration would apply to other proxy/filtering programs that do the same sort of thing.

I don't understand this webpage encoding business all that well. Maybe someone can clue me and others in on this, so perhaps the true source of the trouble/reconfiguration can be discovered.

Hmmm... now what can I do with that clump of hair??? I need to click on SmoothJazz and chill. Yeah, baby! But just once. Don't wanna force my luck, ya know!
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