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BAH @ Real Networks

Other keys maybe worth checking:

(Also In) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type
audio/mpegurl extension = .m3u
audio/pls | audio/x-scpls extension = .pls
Extension = mp3 (for all of the following)
audio/mp3 | audio/m3u | audio/mpeg | audio/mpg | audio/x-mp3 | audio/x-mpeg | audio/x-mpg

Any references to MP3 Playlists & .xpl should ideally be removed!

Like I say, I'm watching the progress of these threads very carefully, so let's just wait for peoples' responses first and take it from there.
Two years later and someone is STILL finding this post useful! I want to thank you Egg for the work. You completed the puzzle! RealPlayer 8 didn’t support some of the SHOUTcast streams and I wanted to go back to Winamp. Ironically the reason I went to RealPlayer in the first place is that Winamp wouldn’t stream at all (garbled text, even when turning the name streaming off).

Since I couldn’t find much on the forums at first I decided to do some of my own detective work. I deleted the “MP3 Playlist” entry created by RealPlayer and that fixed the “specified path not found” error I was getting when trying to stream a file. But now I had the option of opening an .xpl. When it gave me the option of choosing a program to open the file I thought I had the problem licked: “all I need to do is associate the .xpl file with Winamp.”

When I proceeded to do that Winamp would not play the .xpl file; it would just sit there doing nothing. Since RealPlayer was the one that created the “Mp3 Playlist” association I uninstalled both RP and Winamp and went searching through the registry for every Real and Winamp entry I could find. I was utterly surprised by the amount of stuff left behind by Real. Some stuff was also left behind by Winamp, but no where near as much.

Anyway, after doing that, restarting, trying to re-associate and play around with the .xpl file and almost pulling my hair out I decided to do a search on this file extension, especially since I found it VERY strange that the redirected URL is in .pls and IE tries to open it in .xpl. Sure enough your post solved the puzzle. The mime settings for IE automatically convert the file into the .xpl format, rendering Winamp near useless to play streams.

In fact Real Networks does that a lot in many formats! The kicker is that it does NOT change them back when the program in uninstalled. This leads to a slew of problems and headaches, which, unless you do a lot of digging, will not be easily fixed (not even by the ever-poplar (and user friendly) MP3 Fix program). Obviously Real Networks doesn’t expect the regular end-user to dig this deep to fix the problem. They (correctly) assume that the typical end-user will simply go back to using RealPlayer.

BAH, that’s just plain wrong in my book! Anyway, thanks so much Egg for the solution and I really appreciate the fact you’ve worked to create a friendlier way of fixing this problem. Hopefully those that have this problem in the future won’t have to go through what a lot of us went through.

BTW: Yes, yes I just NOW realized I spelled "Rogue" incorrectly. IT'S THE STRESS!
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