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GUI interfaces can be made modular and powerful, but yes, text-based ones are very good for combining. The reason for this is simple - streaming. They're text interfaces, they take in and give out text. It's simple to make them parse things because of this. It's just completely pointless for the average user.

Incidentally, although I know a few GUI-based tools that it's possible to do your task in, it would require the use of text-based tools, which kinda defies the point. For the sake of finding a quick GUI-based solution, though, using the tool jEdit you could make a GUI-based solution, the only part of which where text-based stuff is needed is a BeanShell macro to close all buffers not containing "elite". It wouldn't be any more complex than using the text tools.

The point is, though, for 99% of uses of computers, this sort of nonsense is completely unnecessary. And it's not like bash and these tools aren't available for every modern computer platform (I used to code on Linux exclusively, but since I started using Cygwin there's no actual difference).

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