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Depending on how many files you're expecting to change I would use the "find in files" option in something like EmEdit to get a list of files and then click on the file in the list to open it and then use the replace command. Simple.

Although I see your point, I don't think people in general spend their days editing pure text files. Heck, I do and I extremely rarely come up against anything I can't do in a GUI or with a recorded macro in VS6. And more often than not it is quicker to do it all manually instead of read the help file for one command, try and find out a crypticly named utility that does what you want. Learn to use it, pipe it into something else and, yadda yadda yadda.

I can see GUIs doing just that kind of thing very well. You just have to create a workflow program that groups all programs into categories such as text editing, graphics etc. You drag and drop programs onto the workbench, connect up flow lines, add some filters and conditional logic and you're done.

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