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I have work in progress This time it is a real NSIS plug-in, that can load a .NET DLL. I guess it will be called CLR.dll or CLRLoader.dll or something. What I have working so far:

1) It is placed in the plugins dir in NSIS.
2) It is called with (in one line):
PHP Code:
CLRLoader::Invoke "SomeAssembly.dll" "SomeNamespace.SomeClass" "SomeMethod" "param1,param2,param3"
pop $
3) It can handle string parameters and string return value at the moment.

Todo: Dynamic number of parameters.
Todo: Object type return value.
Todo: Fix a bug where that causes the DLL to remain in the tmp directory. NSIS can't delete it.

I also have it in a version, where you call it with System::Call, and this version does not remain in the tmp directory. This version has to be included manually in the installer and placed in for instance $PLUGINSDIR.

It is called with (one line):
PHP Code:
System::Call 'CLRLoader::Invoke(t "SomeAssembly.dll", t "SomeNamespace.SomeClass", t "SomeMethod", t "param1,param2,param3") t .r0' 
Both versions are attached.

If you want to try it, remember to rename the desired DLL to CLRLoader.dll. If it is the "native" NSIS version, put it in the pluginsdir.
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