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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Nope. It actually only really needs to be in the Winamp root folder for any (old) plugins that require it.
We only also had to place nscrt.dll in the Winamp\Plugins folder in 5.56 and a few releases before
because some security apps like ZoneAlarm and some AV programs used to moan if it wasn't there.

Attach your List of Plugins and then we can tell you which old plugin is calling/requiring nscrt.dll

I'm 99.9% certain that nothing in the default 5.571 installation uses or requires it.
I've just tried to install the latest winamp.
This is a clean XP Pro SP3 install, never had winamp installed before

The installer downloaded is winamp5571_full_bundle_emusic-7plus_en-us.exe
It can't be started due to a missing nscrt.dll

So as I see it, there is no way, this is not related to the default 5.571 installation, as I have no 3rd party plugins or skins. Only what's included in the installation.

After placing this file in winamp dir I can start the app correctly, however attempting to access preferences, it crashes..
Same thing goes when trying to play any mp3 file.

All I really need is a reliable mediaplayer for my audiobooks. I've been using media player classic for a long time, but I really like winamp..

However if winamp doesn't work from a default installation, then I can't use it.. Simple as that
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