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ok, a truly odd behavior...

i have a folder of some downloaded George Benson files. most are mp3. one is m4a.

the m4a has an embedded artwork. the mp3s don't, they were using the Folder.jpg

i notice the issue, b/c i don't like the m4a artwork in the ML view, (it was only showing for that one file, the others were using the folder based art). i save it as "orig embed.jpg" from the alt+3 dialog and it is there in the folder. i then tell winamp to delete the artwork in the m4a, and winamp warns me it will be permanent, and it can't be undone. i say ok, and winamp reports that it successfully deleted it.

BUT WHAT ACTUALLY happens is my Folder.jpg is deleted, and the embed remains in the m4a!!

totally bizarre. i can repeat it over and over.

what a pita embeds are!

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