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Question Albums view showing seperate tracks for some albums? Also Album Washer question...

Hi all,

Hope somebody can offer some advice on this issue with Winamp for Android.

I'm trying to sort my music out on my phone. I have albums ripped to my PC and they are store in folders, just as I am sure most people do. I then copy these directories to my 'music' folder on my phone when connecting via the USB cable.

When I start WinAmp on my phone (Xperia S) I goto Album view by pressing the album button. Some of the CDs I have copied to my phone show up under just one entry, but even in album view, some show the individual tracks from the album rather than just one album heading. So if the CD had 20 tracks on it, it should just show the one album heading, but I get all 20 tracks showing up. How do I resolve this?

This also makes Album Washing hard, because I like to long click on the album and 'wash' all tracks - I can't do this if they show up individually. Something is messed up but not sure what.

Also most times Album Washer will get 99% of the album, but will show a track that it believes isn't in the album. Is the way around this just to tick the box and include it anyway??

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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