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maybe i misunderstand, but i thought we went over this before?

winamp can put songs on the phone either via wifi or usb. one of those lets the user decide folder structure.

my recollection is if you edit the way it does it, and "albumartist folders" are used, it will display comp albums properly.

having said all that, this is something, as i recall, that winamp needs to fix properly for defaults imo. first of all, wifi and usb should both be configurable (one isn't) and should both SHARE the same user set config.

that same default config should be to use AA folders, which last i checked, it didn't.

second, AA tags should be supported.

third, it would also be a good idea to support comp tags. winamp will set a comp tag/flag for VA things i believe when xfering to an idevice, but full fledged comp tag support would probably be helpful.

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