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You are my last hope: HELP!!!

You are my last hope

In these days I proceeded to rent a new more powerful VPS, and I proceeded to move everything related to my webradio there, including the shoutcast server.
However, since I made the switch, I can no longer register in the YP directories, continually receiving the damned error: [YP sid = 1] response returned 500, NOK.
The flow can be reached regularly through the set ports, therefore the radio can be listened to and the doors are regularly open; by pinging and tracerouting from the vps to the YP address, I can easily reach it with a latency of about 26 milliseconds; if I try to open the YP address with the vps browser, I regularly see the page that tells me that the YP server is online and with a green dot. So I deduce that from all this, I shouldn't have any problem registering on the YP directories, and instead ...
[YP sid = 1] response returned 500, NOK

Further information:
- Windows server 2016 64bit operating system
- shoutcast server ver. 64bit

I've been banging my head for 5 days now, and I can't understand the problem. Please help me.
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