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Either one would be helpful. Far as I can see the actual software functions fine its the authhash and restrictions put into place to make money that have broken everything. I remember when the ad program started.. had a few glitches but was operational fairly quick. The move from the old shoutcast YP and even having it tied into the old Radionomy platform had a few issues but eventually worked.

Now nothing gets fixed. People who pay aren't even getting a good product. I've been using SC since the first release and ran it for over 20 years. I can't even get it to install correctly anymore and nothing works except as a private server and even then it had a habit of crashing every few days.

Since I stream at 320k I can't use the free version (won't) so that forced me to Icecast however I had been running 128k shoutcast streams. Problem is I upgraded and everything broke. I can't reinstall as the fresh install never works. Authhash won't save. YP hasn't connected in months. I can't even use AAC anymore and when I see PAYING customers getting no support at all and dealing with broken servers that don't encourage me to spend any money.

I setup my Linux servers from scratch, round robin dns load balancing and a monitoring system that freaks people out. Rare is it I find a piece of software that operates so poorly and it's not the streaming part that doesn't function but all the bloat they added to ensure they could restrict the software to make money.

If you want to make money put out a product that works. It's sad that after 20+years of using Shoutcast I can't even if I wanted to because it's broke badl.

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