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Originally posted by JacknLime
Mine was set to video_gdiplus=0 and I changed it to video_gdiplus=1 and it made no difference. I remember trying that in 5.34 as well and it made no difference with that version either. The vids are still jerky with it set at 0 or 1 for version 5.35 using vista.

Apart from that 5.35 is nice and dandy
I'm having the exact same problem. i'm running vista 32 on a c2d e6600, 2gb ddr2 800 ram. i tried changing video_gdiplus from the default 0 to 1 and i'm still having the same problem, just like JacknLime.

also, i believe videos ran smoothly at fullscreen in 5.33... not positive that's the correct version though. i just remember them running well before i formatted my HDD and reinstalled vista.

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