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Got it limping

I forgot to mention that I ran "regsvr32" after I put it into my C:\Windows\system32 folder with my other AX files.

When it didn't work, I unregistered the splitter via "regsvr32 /u" and voila! I could suddenly watch an MKV video with Winamp and I can still watch MP4 videos too. 2 Gabest splitters.

Problem is the video performance is terrible in Winamp with this splitter (jerky, occasional brief blank moments). When I watch the same MKV video with DivX Pro Player, it's a million times better--smooth as can be. (It's an HD video I'm looking at, AVC 1920x800 25fps video, 48Kbps LC-AAC audio.)

I'm using ffdshow tryouts revision 3355 dated April 11 2010. I'm not big on Beta software.

The latest Gabest MKV splitter I could find is version dated December 10 2008. I think you're right about the Gabest MKV splitter; development stopped and it's now unsupported. I think that's the problem.

My current thoughts are to skip the Haali splitter, watch MP4 video with Winamp and the Gabest splitter and watch MKV video with DivX Pro Player. This would end my preference for having Winamp as my only media player. So it goes.
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