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crazy artwork behavior when rating files


i have edited the ini to write ratings to the file.

i have a 3 pane arrangement. albumartist sorting in top left, large icon album art in the top right, tracks listed in the third bottom pane, also sorted by AA.

the behavior SEEMS to depend on how many albums you have under a given AA tag. (i don't know what the threshold is, or if it depends on how many albums you can see in the top right pane at a given time)

so if you only have one album under a given AA tag, you will NOT [clearly] see the odd behavior.

however, if you have say, 142 albums under a given AA tag, as i do for "Soundtrack (Film)" and you highlight that tag in the left top pane, and then highlight an album in the top right, and then play and rate a song, ALL the albums disappear from the top right, EXCEPT the one you rated a song on.


in addition, even if you don't pick an album in the top right pane, but merely scroll down the track list in the bottom pane (for all the albums) and then you rate a track, it rates it, but afterwards it takes you back to the top of the list.

i consider the first thing a genuine bug, and the second thing undesired behavior at the very least.

Egg, please respond with your thoughts, and if the Devs intend to correct this.


ps. in both cases, the rating is made in the bottom pane, not at the top of the app where the file info/equalizer, etc... box is. i'm in Bento too btw.

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