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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
I can repro #2 (not sure if that's expected behaviour, although I agree that it's undesirable)
that's just how that mode is working - its the lesser of two evils as otherwise nothing gets refreshed and the views appear out of sync. basically most of the ml pane handling needs to be removed / fixed to allow better updating between the panes. the losing of the selection / position is just what happens when a pane is refreshed and is the same 'bug' report which has been posted elsewhere about that though the code is doing exactly as its coded to do so it's a feature request / annoyance than a true bug.

as for #1, it's probably related with the stored query for the pane getting out of sync due to the other changes (though it could just be the general crappyness of the cross-pane handling again).

either way, i don't envy someone trying to fix these issues (as it looks like my attempts in the lead up to 5.58x with other tweaks/fixes of the rating handling seems to have caused more issues). possibly it's time for a start-over of ml_local especially with its view handling.

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