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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
>> 4. rate one of the tracks via the ratings column IN THE BOTTOM PANE, ie. rate it there, do not rate it elsewhere!

That was the important step. I was just using "rt-click -> rate items" instead.

I can repro #2 (not sure if that's expected behaviour, although I agree that it's undesirable)
but I still can't repro #1.
Anyone else?

no right clicks to my steps.

i can reproduce issue #1 every single time! are you sure you aren't skipping the second step? are you using large icon artwork? you have to highlight an album in the art pane, then rate a track via the ratings column in the bottom pane. as long as the AA has two or more albums, the other albums will disappear.

DrO, can you reproduce it? i don't see how i can do it everytime without fail but you guys can't?

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