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thx for responding, see below:

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
that's just how that mode is working - its the lesser of two evils as otherwise nothing gets refreshed and the views appear out of sync.
i'm not sure what you're talking about, or which issue you mean?

but for issue two, there is no reason for things to "rescan" b/c other than the track you are actually rating in the bottom pane column, there is nothing else that needs updated, at least not in my config above. the new rating on the given track[s] would display without the rescan, so i think what its doing is the greater of two evils, not the lesser.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
basically most of the ml pane handling needs to be removed / fixed to allow better updating between the panes. the losing of the selection / position is just what happens when a pane is refreshed and is the same 'bug' report which has been posted elsewhere about that though the code is doing exactly as its coded to do so it's a feature request / annoyance than a true bug.
yes, issue 2 is probably just undesired behavior, but its VERY undesired.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
as for #1, it's probably related with the stored query for the pane getting out of sync due to the other changes (though it could just be the general crappyness of the cross-pane handling again).

either way, i don't envy someone trying to fix these issues (as it looks like my attempts in the lead up to 5.58x with other tweaks/fixes of the rating handling seems to have caused more issues). possibly it's time for a start-over of ml_local especially with its view handling.

can you reproduce #1? if you can, why can't Egg?

and yes, i think #1 is a genuine bug. there's no way an action in the bottom pane should control what art is displayed in the top right pane, nor should it over-ride what you've chosen in the top left pane.

i'm no dev, but i agree that its prob time to hammer out all these ML issues.

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