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i probably have come across the issue when i did some ratings stuff 2 months ago but i'm not too interested in trying to reproduce issues as i know the stuff is all a complete mess and trying to reproduce somethings is either not going to be simple (race-conditions. locations of plug-ins in the Winamp memory space being different, OS effects) or just not worth the time when there's not the means to work on a fix.

the internal workings involves changes in one pane having to be reflected back into the other ones and that is what causes refreshes of things to occur as just sending a paint event doesn't work correctly in most cases. also there are race-conditions in the code which are a pain to track down and are part of the cause of the view contents disappearing and would explain why you see it and others don't.

either way without developer resources nothing is going to progress on the matter, sad considering so many parts of the player are buggy but there's a complete lack of interest / means from the official developers to work on such things so i'd expect this to be something that'll just keep going on like the quirky things kn0tte reports or all of the other bugs that need to be ironed out rather than pointless online services stuff for example.

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