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Some tracks when streaming are playing really fast

Hey there everyone. Not sure If i should post this on winamp or shoutcast.

The subject has been touched on here:

But why go back to a 2011 thread if there wasn't any help anyway.

So I have my radio station set up via a "myradiostream" server, using the shoutcast plugin.

As the user on the thread I linked to mentioned. It is only on certain songs/albums which makes me think that they have a different sample-rate? Sorry I know nothing about audio technology

But the encoder within winamp and the plugin should sort that out shouldn't it? Cause obviously you're going to play from a media library with many different formats or types of audio rather. Theyre all mp3.

So the issue:

Some songs on the stream play really really fast, chipmunk fast and sound very distorted but within winamp it sounds fine. And I can play the files normally in like VLC etc.

What could be the issue of this?

Update: Huh.. Wanted to show you the difference in info between a file that played normally and the file that didnt. Double clicked on the "File that was wrong or what ever". Winamp crashed..or "stopped working".... hm..

Update 2: "Stopped working" on more files than just one

Update 3: Updated my sound driver. That made things even worse. Back at standard now. (Turns out I have the latest drivers already)

Update 4: Did a clean install of winamp v5.666 Build 3516 (x86) removed all plugins. Then downloaded the shoutcast DSP plugin v2.3.5. Stream is fine and all that but when playing certain songs it does the chipmunk thing again. I'm using "" as my host for the server and it has a stream limit of 128kbps for a free account. So that's what I set my encoder to. Almost all songs I have in the library are 320kpbs. I think all are actually. So below I've included the info of two songs. First song works. Second doesn't.


Does not:

This is of course only an example. There are many other songs that do not work.

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