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Win. 10 64-bit : "Win. Vista SP2" compatibility mode worked (for me): Winamp 5.58


Answer #5 by Aminifu helped me.

Am I digging an antediluvian topic? In my case + of several people I help, I don't care, as we're STILL using Winamp — in 2017, yes ! —, version 5.58, under Windows 10 (64 + 32-bit) and XP (32-bit).

So, under Win. 10 64-bit, exiting Winamp — used with "DSP Spectrum Tool" plugin — would display some "(Memory cannot be read) Net broadcast event" error msg...

... until I followed post #5 advice and set Win. 10 to run Winamp in "compatibility mode: Windows VISTA SP (Service Pack) 2"

— and no other. Other compatibility mode options failed, except "Win. XP SP2", may be, but slowed Winamp launch + disabled drag'n'dropping files to its playlist (from explorer windows).

Thanx to Winamp Forum.

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