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Winamps "error killing decode thread"

Thanks Peter, for your fast answer!

But nothing else is running on this computers, so nothing
else can steal any CPU-time.

I should try to upgrade to the new Winamp v2.78c and see
whats is happening. The last upgrade to v2.76 doesn't helped.

I have mailed "Joker", who started this thread, and asked him
if he has found any solution. I have recieved following answer
from him:

>Not a really solution, but a work around. We convert all our
>voice trcks to MP3, no problems since. We used to record the
>voice tacks as WAV files, they where short enouhg to not need
>a lot HD space. Then I proposed to convert those too, every
>things works fine. The Winamp seems to do not like to change
>in one playlist from one format to the other.
>Good luck, please tell me if you are OK now, thank you,
>Joe Berger.

What do you think about his theory, that "Winamp seems to do not
like to change in one playlist from one format to the other."

Any suggestions?

thanks and Happy New Year 2002

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