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Hello Michel,

Afaik, the admin/metadata?mount=/{mountpoint} API is for Shoutcast DNAS v2 servers, not Icecast (masterv3 = Icecast v2 server).

Besides, we can't give the global admin pwd to anyone...

As you say, we would need to implement an individual username (e.g. RadioManager email) & RMO pwd type login, similar to how it worked for the stats aggregator tool included with old Shoutcast Streaming Service solution, but unfortunately, that API was never reimplemented in SC4B :-(

Also currently implemented but mostly broken (it works for some stations but not others, another issue which is currently being investigated):

(where the uid is the station guid from the RMO)

The API appears to be working for /bruce-classic-rock

Another method would be to pull the "title" or "yp_currently_playing" data from:


I hope this helps :-)
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