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Winamp still plays 99 percent of mainstream audio formats and it works under Windows 10 just fine...It also works under Linux using Wine just fine...About the only thing that really needs done (Other than those that feel it needs some sort of cosmetic update) is to get it to work on Android...If there was an Android version of WINE then it may be possible to get it in it's current form to run under Android as well since my understanding of Android is it's just Google's customized version of Linux..But I'm not a programmer so I don't know what the real differences are...Since I'm not a smartphone user the Android thing is not big for me...I do have an Android media box and have JETAUDIO PLUS installed on that which actually is quite good...Unfortunately the additional plugins also cost money...I'll probably buy those (eventually)....

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Winamp was released by Nullsoft in 1997 and sold to AOL 2 years later. It has been over 9 years since the last major update of Winamp's core code. Hardware and software coding techniques and APIs have evolved a great deal since then.

The Winamp desktop app (after 19 years) and many of it's plug-ins only work as well as they do because Microsoft must continue to support legacy code as much as possible.

After 2007, AOL decided not to invest in any more major updates of the desktop app's core code. A relatively brief effort (during 2010 and 2011) was made to port Winamp to other platforms. A major attempt to fix several 'bugs' in the Winamp desktop app's core code was completed in 2013.

Winamp's current owner (sold to Radionomy in 2014) seems to have made the same investment decision related to major upgrades. It appears that any major upgrades (or plug-in support) going forward will depend on hacks by clever 3rd party developers.

I started using Winamp in 1998 and have tried many other apps since then. IMO, it is still the best available app (mainly due to it's support of plug-ins) for playing and managing many digital music formats on the Windows desktop.
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