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Still DEP

Ok I finally had some time to sit down and mess with this a bit.

I followed the procedures for doing a clean install. I did reboot before trying to re-install.

I have installed the latest version and the plug-ins that are in the plug-in folder are as follows(just the plug-ins that came with the install as I deleted the directory previously)

AVS, DSP_SPS, freeform, Gracenote, Milkdrop2

I noticed that when logged on as a differant user the program just crashes when I try to run it. but in the user I installed it I get the DEP message. I have two users on this computer one requires a password one does not both are admins. The second user I have there in case there is corruption on the main one I use.

Just for shits and giggles I deleted everything in the plugin directory. and the program starts up fine. so it seems to be one of the DLL (as I removed the sub folders one at a time without effect) I will reinstall and try removing them one at a time to see which it is.
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