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Media Library not loading

Hi my media library suddenly stopped loading on Winamp startup. I have Winamp 5.6.1 on Win7 Pro. I tried everything I can think of:

1) In Preferences, rescanning the library. Nothing is scanned when I press Scan Now. In addition, when I press Stop Scan, the button still reads Stop Scan (and doesn't change back to Scan Now).

2) I deleted my watch folders, added them again, and attempted to rescan. The same happened as (1). I then deleted my watch folders, restarted Winamp, added the folders, and attempted to rescan. The same happened. I then deleted my folders, click on remove missing files from library, restarted Winamp, added the folders, and attempted to rescan. The same happened - nothing happened!

3) I reinstalled Winamp, and attempted both (1) and (2), and nothing changed. I did not uninstall Winamp first*.

If I select the History view in the Media Library, I can see my playback history. However, if I select Local Media, or any of the subviews below Local Media, I see only a blank window in the right-hand pane of the Media Library.

*Please note: If possible, I am trying to preserve my current installation's settings on which media I have viewed, how many times, etc. I have my reasons for this. However, if the solution to my problem involves uninstalling Winamp, and somehow clearing all existing Winamp settings on my computer, I will do so. I would rather have Winamp Media Library recognizing my media files.

Anyway, any help you can give me is appreciated.

God bless
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