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I'm having the same problem.

Media Library window is blank and stuck in scan mode.

This just started, so I thought maybe my media drive was going bad so I removed the old 'watch' drive and added my backup drive's media folder with the same results: stuck on scan.

I decided to upgrade so I uninstalled the older version and cleaned everything up with winoptimizer. After doing a clean install of version 5.621, same problem.

Could be: a virus, registry error, other newly installed software, the drive winamp is installed on having issues.

I'm doing a full virus check with Microsoft Security Essentials right now.

Will report back if I find the problem and/or a solution.

Edit: No viruses/spyware found. No conflicting programs. HiJackThis shows only 'known and necessary' programs and routines.

The only recent change has been installing Windowblinds 7, which I doubt is causing Winamp's Media Library to hang during a media scan.


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