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allow shoutcast stream into walled garden

I am the administrator of a small municipal wi-fi system. Until users are authenticated they only have access to a walled garden of sites. I would like to add the option of a shoutcast stream, but I cannot seem to open the garden to the proper domains.

The stream in particular I am working with is La Mexicana 1410 AM. The stream seems to emanate from The domain resolves to an subdomain (pointing to some AOL entertainment domains). I have opened access to,,, and all

I am still unable to get the shoutcast flash player to load. What I am looking for is a list of possible sites to add to my whitelist so that my unauthenticated users can listen to a bit of music. Hostnames or ip are what I need, ports are not material; opening a hostname/ip allows access to all sites served by a shared web-host.
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