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It took a little longer than expected due to SetNamedSecurityInfo/GetNamedSecurityInfo complete lack of support for KEY_WOW64_64KEY (as you pointed out) so a lot of the code had to be changed quite drastically. It may also mean the plug-in will no longer work on Windows 2000, but we may have to live with that.

v1.0.5.0 - 25th January 2012 ~ Afrow UK
  • Removed IsUserTheAdministrator.
  • Added NameToSid.
  • Major code cleanup/rewrite.
  • Proper Unicode build (with Unicode plugin API).
  • Support for 64-bit registry (SetRegView 64).
  • Functions now return "ok" on success or "error" otherwise. On "error", the next item on the stack will be the error description.
  • Added version information resource.
Edit: I removed IsUserTheAdministrator because you can quite easily test for that yourself using the new NameToSid. Just check the result of NameToSid ends with -500.

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