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Originally Posted by djmx2006 View Post
Correct me if I am wrong but as I understand when a listener connects on the main port (8000 for example), the sound is then streamed back to them on 8001 (i.e. port + 1)? That is all enabled in my firewall and data does get to my player as far as I can tell (just very slowly causing the huge buffer).
8001 is only used for _source_ connections and not client connections. client connections are always provided on the main 'portbase'

Originally Posted by djmx2006 View Post
I accept this is most likely to be a network problem, but from a server end is there anything I can look at to see that the data is actually sending to the client at a normal speed? If so then that eliminates it to being server config, and points towards firewall.
people have used network monitoring tools to see what is going on (cannot remember any that have been explicitly used) to determine the networking load / rate coming out of the DNAS (there's nothing natively built into the DNAS in either version to do such things).

though some routers people have found have issues when doing loop back connections like you're describing you are attempting for testing the server connection.

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