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Running the entire SHOUTcast package on headless Linux

HI People,

This would be my first post on this, kindly excuse the noob query. Ok I was successfully able to install SHOUTcast server on my windows machine, and was able to broadcast as well using winamp DSP plugin.

Now I have a Linux NAS server running (Headless - so there is no OS as such). I am keen on running the entire SHOUTcast broadcasting from it. A brisk searching tells me that though SHOUTcast server is available for LINUX as TAR.gz file. (though I still have to get it working), there is no winamp and winamp DSP plugin for Linux.

This means though SHOUTcast server can be installed on the LINUX server, how am I suppose to broadcast as there is no winamp and winamp DSP plugin for Linux.

When I say not available for linux I mean for headless linux. If I manage to run the SOUTcast server on my NAS linux machine, can people suggest here how to broad cast via linux itself. Basically an alternative for winamp and DSP on linux machine.

Thanks in advance
Looking forward for a prompt resolution
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