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How to install a plugin for an already existing software on PC

Hi all,

Sorry for my english...

Using the NSIS Installer I need to install a special plugin for a certain software which is already installed on PC (up to 3-6 different versions on the same pc).

When the NSIS-installer starts it determines which versions of this certain product are available on pc (using the registry) and the user should select the right version/release from the list (single or multiple seleciton). In the next step the plugin would be installed in a special folder of the selected release(s).

The user should not be able to select the installation path manually!

Using registry I can determine the available versions and root path of each version. Which dialog/page should I use to allow the user the selection of the right software version?

Hopefully it was undestandable...

Many thanks (Danke, Спасибо) in advance
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