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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
We'll be fixing it so you can't manually type in an invalid path into the Destination Folder field.

Maybe if you type in something, we could prompt the user if they want the folder to be created if it doesn't exist,
or give an error message if the folder can't be created due to having invalid characters, as in No Bic's example.
did that ever happen Egg?

Originally Posted by No Bic View Post
Well I ran Winamp as administrator and that seemed to stop winamp from crashing when ripping to a non-existing folder.
is that b/c windows then allowed winamp to just go ahead and create those folders?

Originally Posted by LanceJeffrey View Post
I was getting the same problem, it would crash at about 90% of the last song.

It started after i re-formatted my C (with Windows 7) and i was trying to rip to another hard drive.

I found out that it was Windows permissions,
to solve it i had to grant my user ownership and permission to the drive that i was ripping to.
And now it works fine, it also fixed a few other issues i was having.
ah yes, very annoying. there are threads here in the forums about taking ownership, and then setting the permissions. real PITA stuff. i find this useful for taking ownership:

just add that to your registry by double clicking it and its in the context menu.

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