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network drive path converting to UNC path.


i want to take a folder from user and convert it to UNC path under windows 7.
(my environment is: NSIS Unicode version 2.46.5, Windows 7 Pro)

so i searched plugins, googled, and saw also wiki site.

what i found is this: Get Universal Name

and my code is really simple like example:


Push "Z:\Austausch\skj\skj_rlm_gis.lic"
Call get_universal_name
Pop $0 ; sould be = "\\zeus\data\Austausch\skj\skj_rlm_gis.lic"

But it does not work. it give me always Error 1200 (this means, ERROR_BAD_DEVICE : The string pointed to by lpLocalPath is invalid. But the input path is Valid!!)

is there any other way to convert to UNC Path?
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