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Originally Posted by kleinstein View Post
Sorry, but it does not work either...

But, Many thanks to you for your help.
My goal was not fixing Get_Universal_Name function.
I just want to convert the mapped drive path to UNC path. That's all.

so i made the title of this thread for this purpose.

Get_Universal_Name function was just the one, that i found out for this goal.

Maybe there is already other solution, or?

Anyways, thank you again.
I must say, i am sorry for this false alarm.

My installer need to get the administration right.

And after installer start, all network drive are not yet connected in installer file selection dialog! i don't know why..

but if i open an file explorer at the same time, then i can see all my network drives are good connected already.

i think this is some of windows feature, that the network drives are not always connected. after click on this network drives in installer file dialog, it works very fine.

so.. i should now figure it out, how i can connect the network drive in my installer script in background.

Sorry for all this.. thank you!
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