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Thanks for your feedback. I was afraid I was using bad methods to enter the Url into Winamp.

There is no absolute or full path in the .m3u8 file because it uses a relative format. The playlist file is placed in the same directory as the audio files. My players (browser and Potplayer) pick up one of the two 'variants', for instance
As you can see the "playlist.m3u8" file is replaced by the "live-audio=128000.m3u8" file.
Note that Potplayer shows both variants in a menu and I can switch instantly between both.

I've tried to enter these Urls in Winamp but it can't deal with these variants either.

Meanwhile, I discovered the stream is of the type "HTTP Live Streaming" (HLS). It consists of .ts chunks. that need to be 'concatenated' by the player.

Since the search engine used by this forum couldn't find any posts about HLS, I used an external (non-spying) search engine ( and it found the following thread : "HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Support?" :

On 5th August 2013, 16:14 DrO wrote :
"Winamp doesn't have support for HLS and i doubt (if it does get supported) it's going to happen any time soon. as you note, once you finally work through the playlists to get at the raw urls, it's limited to 10sec chunks and then we get into a whole load of messiness of how to determine what to play next, how to get it, etc and that's before even trying to get it integrated into how Winamp works."

I would like to know whether this statement is still valid today - after more than 4 years.

I would like to continue using Winamp as I'm using it for its API. The radio station I want to listen to at specific times during the day had other types of playlists but they do no longer work. I speculate this government subsidised propaganda broadcaster wants to force listeners to use their web/mobile app player for reasons of advertising and tracking purposes.

Kind regards

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