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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
I dumbed down my example; that what I am after for

I need to have and indicator [which I myself will specify] to show only if a file was loaded from
or any other subfolders in that location. And in the future this location might shrink to something like
or extend to something like

But most of my files are in location
plus few others locations, for which I do not need an indication / marker. I do not need I do not want to see

I only need to see that
or [more preferably] my own indicator / marker substituting for the name of that specific folder, in the beginning or at the end of my ATF displayed by Winamp

And so under that link I do not see codes that could accommodate that. Something that would display >>YES<< or whatever characters I wold choose but only then when the file is exactly in
or somewhere even deeper [in a subfolder or subfolder od a subfolder etc.]. Because there is no such code? Am I right?

It seems that the only way I could go around that is to use

while moving that
folder from drive M to some extra drive that from now on would hold only those files that I currently designate / mark by keeping them in that
location. But I do not want to do that. I keep all of music and audio files on the M drive; for a more convenient way of keeping a track of them and for easier archive / backup purposes. I could also try to map a folder and / or create a virtual drive- but that would be using more of solutions that divert even further from my modus operandi

So- is there a code that would accommodate my need or not? A code that would
show X when Y is meet; and that Y is the specified location or its subfolders
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