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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Maybe this does what you want.
(I attached it as a txt file because the forum was screwing up the code.)
Maybe... if we decode that code first...

A] The %filename% at the end- I do not think I need it at all. I have my %filename% already in my current string

B] Is >>CorrectDrive<< legit part of the code or place where I am suppose to put a letter of a drive?

C] All the YESes I can replace with the characters I will want to see to indicate that state [info] which I am after?

D] All the NOs I can remove, leaving just a coma followed by nothing? [Becasue I do not need to see confirmation of a no-state, because for me the no-state is the correct / main one]

E] Is that SOME_INDICATOR the place where I put those characters I want to see [thus not the plae where YESes are]?
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